One other fun combating game starjack io, Starjack is a kind of real time online multiplayer strategy game in space. You have to think and act quickly about attack and defence. Before you start you enter to lobby and vote to start or wait more players to join. When you start you have an Homeworld that you must defend it to survive. You can invade some other waste planets near your homeworld but becarefull about guards that protecting these planets. You will loose some of your troops. Choose planets to invade wisely because other players may attack your planets if you are not strong enough to defence. Bigger planets have bigger troop production rate but protected better. Some planets have special abilities like cannon, shield, and EMP.
Don't forget to watch other players while attacking. You can attack homeworlds of other players to defeat them. Find strategy to dominate other players as quick as possible.


STARJACK IO best of the io diversions. You prepared to play on the web and multiplayer. Various player comes customary from various nation to play If your school discouraged to play io recreations. Dont worry over it. By and by, avaliable play unblocked at school et cetera. You can play from our extention. In case you didn't get one of them, you can present it and play delight wherever you require. Additionally, there is another suprise to you. You prepared to play unblocked all another io diversions from our extention. Might you need to play unblocked? Along these lines, you have to present our extention.


Moderately same as other io diversions. additionally offers you more exceptional shocking mods. While using Mods, you will prepared to get a chance to get an edge over the opponents. mods aren't open now. In any case, you don't ought to be worry over it. mods will be made by originator and circulated the world over.


STARJACK IO best of the io entertainments. You can play multi with diffent outcast customers. That is make it so hard however there is hack that you can play successfully. Be carefull about other players power, it may be a good time to attack if thay are fighting each other.

In case you get a kick out of the opportunity to play entertainment from other cuntry gamers. is the best for it.